How to prepare solar panels for winter weather

Installing solar panels on your home can be an excellent way to save on your electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 

But as you enter the winter months, you might wonder whether you'll still see the benefit of your solar panels.

The angle of the sun during the winter is different than during the summer. As a result, you'll have to adjust the angle of your solar panels to make the most of them during the winter.

Because the sun is lower during the winter than in the summer, you have to put your solar panel on angle 55 to 60 degree

it help to capture more sunlight, but it will also help the snow to more easily fall from your panels.

Light or moderate snow tends to slide off or melt on your solar panels and also it cleans the panels in the process, but larger amounts of snow might require some action.

Solar panels that are covered in snow simply won’t capture sunlight Additionally heavy snow can result in too much weight on your solar panels, putting stress on solar panel.

But be careful (and gentle) when removing the snow, using a soft snow brush that won’t scratch the panels.

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