Project Charter A Project charter is a tool to define the need of a project up front.

Project Charter It is used to define the focus, Scope, direction and motivation for a team. It has six element.

Project Charter 1. Business Case 2. Problem Statement. 3. Goal Statement 4. Project Scope 5. Project Team Charter 6. Milestones - Timeliness to finish the project

Business Case Business Case Presents the reason for a particular project. It is a citation written for any project to get management's approval.

Problem Statement This explains the magnitude of the problem. In business case, there could be several issues highlighted. A single problem statement can help define the scope of the project.

Goal Statement This defines the expected result from the project in defined timeliness. A goal statement should be SMART- Specific , Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound.

Project Scope Scoping the project is important. Correct scoping can make or break the project.

Project Team Charter For the success of a project, it is important to define a correct team in the beginning.

Milestone This defines timeliness for different phases of the LSS project.

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